Anna Maria Vitali is an International Presenter in the Pilates environment. She is a Medical Doctor and has spent the last 30 years studying medicine, Mezièré Methode and Pilates to become a highly skilled trainer and therapist.

She combines her background as a dancer and choreographer with a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology to develop an approach to movement that is grounded in a strong anatomical, postural and neurological education.

She discovered Pilates during the 1980’s in London at the London Contemporary Dance School with Alan Herdman, is currently certified through Polestar Pilates and is a member of the Balanced Body Faculty.

She is Pilates Master Trainer for Balanced Body Italy.

She has recently presented some of her works in USA and UK for international congress.

She is certified as Therapist in Fascial Manipulation® (@ Antonio Stecco Academy)

She is also certified as Mezièré therapist at the school for Osteopaths (Charline Renauld/ Alain Bernard). Founder of the association “Fisicamente”, whose mission is to expand the practice and awareness of the Pilates Method through teacher training and continuing education.


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Anna Maria Vitali
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